Intermezzo : Why we choose batik?

Hello guys...

After sometimes, we talk about batik pattern, how to wash batik fabric, etc. Now, we want to talk about why we choose batik for our design.

First of all, to be honest, I was not really a big fan of Batik. Because, I like simple and plain clothes and batik for me, it's just too tacky. But then, I love Alleira and Sejauh Mata Memandang Batik. They have very simple and modern design of Batik. It inspired me to make more of modern batik. I realized that, Batik is so beautiful if it's designed in modern way.

So that, Minitik uses Traditional Batik in contemporary way of fashion. We use rare and contemporary fabric then mix it with traditional batik. We use Neoprene, Scuba, and some other kinds of fabrics which rarely mix with batik before.

We designed some of batik we use in our first collection. Hopefully later, we can design all of the batik we use.

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