Mataraman Batik part IV (Semen Batik)

One of Mataraman Batik called as 'Semen' came from the Javanese word of 'semon' or 'pasemon' which means disguised or symbolized.

(Motif Batik semen - Image source :

It is a combination of gurdo (Garuda bird as a symbol) motif and other motifs creating a symmetrical tumpang (support) form. The variation of motifs inside it became the batik fillers, these motifs consisted of indecipherable elements only for the artisans to understand. These 'semenan' batik names (given by the artisans) among others were Semen Romo, Semen Tanjung Anom Nitik (a combination with nitik motif), Semen Gegot, were all comprised of many different motifs, even little details were made in such a way for people to easily recognized it as Semen batik. (Source: Mozaik Batik Indonesia).

(Motif Batik Cuwiri - Image source :

For northern coast area, semen batik often called as 'Cuwiri'. The highlight for this batik is more on the dynamic color and thinner shapes. The artisans added their location to the batik name, such as Cuwiri Pekalongan, Cuwiri Laseman, and Cuwiri Cirebonan because each place had their unique characters.

(Motif Batik Sidomukti - Image source :

One of Semen Batik which was worn by the Mataram Kings of Yogyakarta is Sidomukti Batik. It is also considered as sacred and highly valued. Sidomukti Batik has the motif of wing of Garuda bird which is combined with other style of batik and filled in with intricate details. Sidomukti Batik created by Mangku Buwono V and nobody allowed to wear it except for the Kings of Mataram in Yogyakarta. (Source: Mozaik Batik Indonesia).

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