Intermezzo : A Woman's Worth (Part 2)

As women, sometimes we feel inferiority over other women. Well, at least sometimes I feel about that. Although maybe, we run companies, we have advanced degrees or have professional success with greater economic prosperity.

As taken from Huffington post article (A Woman's Worth), it whispers that a woman's value is her youth and beauty. Even if we try not to listen to this message in our heads, we're reminded of it daily in advertisements and magazines. But, is this a fair assessment of our worth? No. But the big cog of social perception moves more slowly than individual advancement.

Well, we do agree with the Huffington Post articles that for ages, the world sees women's youth and beauty as the characteristics of her worth. But then, when we listen to the society, we forget about our honor.

"When the voices of social assessment scream more loudly than our inner knowledge, we can’t hear the truth of what our souls know to be true. Caged by outdated concepts that minimize our current reality many women still gauge their worth according to these standards."

(Source: Huffington article A Woman's Worth).

As women, we have always been experts to find our deficiency. We always wonder if we are attractive enough or sexy enough. For us, a woman's worth is the whole real personality of who we are. We are more than our physical appearances. We need to start to love ourself completely.

"A woman’s worth is measured by a life fully expressed. The courage to be her own person and create her own vision of life — regardless of what society says." (Source: Huffington article A Woman's Worth).

In this moment of time, we are free to pursue our study and enter all professions then follow our dreams. It is different from the past, thanks to Lady Kartini who made all these things possible right now.

"As long as we live our truth and express our lives fully, there’s no limit to our worth. We are servants only to our dreams not to society’s expectations. To live in complete freedom is to live the life we choose. Without limitation, shame or justification. The freedom of choice — to be who we came here to be, pursue our dreams and love whomever we choose to love. To know our value exists far beyond the parameters of social determinants. To see ourselves in the big picture of life and live the big version of whom we are, already." (Source: Huffington article A Woman's Worth).

To close this post, we want to tell you "A Woman's Worth." for us and a quote from Marianne Williamson,

"Women should be calm and simple with the touch of elegant and feminine, but Women also should have integrity, knowledge, and seriousness."


“We are afraid to allow ourselves to blossom fully because of the general disapproval that fills our air whenever a 'little lady' forgets her place.” ― Marianne Williamson, A Woman's Worth

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