Mataraman Batik part 2. (gringsing)

From previous post, we discuss about Kawung and Tumpal already. But then, apart from kawung, other batik pattern that has ritual function and symbolical meaning is 'gringsing'.

(Gringsing Motif - Image Source :

Gringsing comes in spiral-like circle, a symbol of women and the veneration toward the goddess of birth.

In Hindu mythology, the pattern on gringsing batik, is a representative of the dragon scales, which according to the mythology they were the incarnation of God Vishnu when he flew down to the earth on a humanitarian mission.

The Buddhism mythology represented through gringsing pattern is in the form of 'urna' (Buddha's hair), which has carved on the Buddha statue, while in batik it is interpreted as Adi-Buddha symbol. (Source : Mozaik of Indonesian Batik).

(Gringsing Motif - Image source :

For Javanese people during the pre-Islamic period in the 14-15th Century used gringsing batik as the mat for babies on their birthday and in the offering ceremony during seed planting and harvesting season. Sculptors also carved gringsing motif on the statue of Pasudhara (goddess of rice). In the northern part of Java, this pattern was also carved on wood to decorate the palace or Hindu / Buddhist temples, as well as people's houses, as seen in traditional 'gebyog' houses in Jepara, Kudus or Demak. (Source : Mozaik of Indonesian Batik).

In The book of Negarakertagama, the gringsing motif is the oldest motif. Batik Gringsing has a deep meaning philosophy such as balance, prosperity, and fertility. Batik Gringsing has various color, some of them are with dark color, while some of them are with light color. As an ancient batik, batik gringsing usually use natural color. The oldest for natural color is Indigo (Blue) and Kesumba (Red). In the process of coloring or dyeing, the natural color should be tied with fixation process so that it will not be faded. The way to do the fixation process should used tawas, air kapur, and batu ijo.

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