Batik Techniques.

In Indonesia, we can buy batik in many shopping areas. They have many kinds of Batik, from Hand-drawn Batik (Batik Tulis), Hand -stamped Batik (Batik Cap), Combination Hand-drawn and Stamped Batik (Kombinasi Batik tulis dan cap), Print-screened with wax Batik (Batik Sablon dengan bahan Malam, biasa disebut Batik Sablon Malam), and Print-screened Batik (Batik Sablon).

1. Hand-drawn Batik (Batik Tulis) is when the designs are drawn on the fabric with hot liquid wax by a metal object called Canting. Hand-drawn Batik is the most expensive Batik of all.

(Hand-drawn Batik - Image Source :

(Example of Hand-drawn Batik - Image Source :

2. Hand-stamped Batik (Batik Cap) is quite similar with hand-drawn batik, which is done manually. Hand-drawn batik uses a metal object called Canting, and hand-stamped batik uses media tools like stamp made of copper or brass. The stamp block size usually 20x20, 25x25cm or depend on the shape. The hand-stamp batik required precision in the process. However, hand-stamp batik cheaper than hand-drawn batik.

(Hand-stamped Batik - Image source :

(Example of Hand-stamped Batik - Image source :

3. Combination Batik (Batik Kombinasi Cap dan Tulis) is the combination of hand drawn batik with hand stamped batik which is the process of making the batik use canting and stamp as tools to apply the hot liquid wax to the fabric.

(Combination Batik Process - Image Source :

(Example of Combination Batik -

4. Painting Batik is batik with the process of making with the tools beside canting and stamp. It usually uses a brush, bamboo, etc.

(Painting Batik - Image source :

(Example of Painting Batik - Image Source :

5. Print-screened Batik with Wax (Batik Sablon Malam) is a new technique which is the combination between print-screened with the wax technique and the pattern of hand-written batik. So, the technique applies the special wax to the fabric with hand-drawn batik pattern.

(Print-screened Batik with Wax Process - Image source :

(Example of Batik Fabric with Print-screened Batik with Wax Technique - Image source

6. Print-screened Batik / Print Batik is actually can't be called batik, because there is no process of applying the hot liquid wax to the fabric. This type of Batik should be called Fabric with Batik Pattern because all the process of making the batik with printing only.

(Batik Printing Technique - Image source :

(Example of Batik Printing - Image source :

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